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This is a project, the artist Flor Ferraco is working on, called "The Ship Of Fools". It is a mobile interactive art-therapy based installation inspired by Michael Foucault's book "Madness and Civilization". The project consists of various handmade objects that the artist designed and made reflecting on the work she's been doing as a drama therapist. The motif and design for each piece emerged from her training and work as a drama therapist, it is based/focused on the possible needs people may have and how they can benefit from interacting with it.

The installation would be interactive and sensorial, the participants/viewers would be able to walk around, touch the objects, use them, play around, interact and maybe change the setting and transform it. As a movement therapist, the artist is aware of how the body could be affected by different life experiences and she designed the objects trying to encourage expression and communication through movement from an alternative approach.

The idea is to make a mobile installation, by this the artist means that she can the project can take place anywhere and travel to non-conventional places where people have difficulties accessing art, working creatively, visiting art galleries or any other related spaces. Some of these could be care homes, special need schools, hospitals, refugee centers, prisons, etc.