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About the talk:

Lets face it. Making mistakes is uncomfortable, awkward and down right embarrassing!
What if we could see our mistakes in a new light and focus on what we can learn from them. 
The act of making mistakes can generally be the best way for us to learn, experiment and even gain a better understanding of ourselves. 

For an industry that is riddled with self deprecation, imposter syndrome, stress and anxiety, I hope that this talk will act as a source of reassurance and also some much needed comic relief to those struggling! A a gentle reminder that we all mess up from time to time and its OK to do so. 

Mistakes I've Made is a platform for designers to share their most embarrassing design confessions on Instagram. Designers are asked to submit a confession anonymously which must include the mistake itself and what they learned from it. The aim of the project being to re frame the way we as creatives think about mistakes….

About Fiona Martin:

Fiona Martin is an Irish graphic designer based in London. Currently she works as a full time lecturer for Shillington Education and freelance on the side. She is the co-founder of Twenty Assembly, a design consultancy and I am a member of Puck Collective.