Derived from Greek routes, Uni Son, simply means One Voice. To speak, sing, shout, scream, or act to one concerted affect. Beyond the binding of individuals it intends purpose and proactivity. Cause and effect, action and result. It’s no small coincidence that UNISION announces the opening of the Cluster Art Fair’s new programme of exhibitions, uniting artists under common banners. Making militant the collective energies of artists and artworks.

Building upon the success of the Cluster Illustration Fair, which saw 800 people attend the opening and a further 1500 across the following 4 days, the UNISION programme will work with artists who’ve previously exhibited with Cluster, providing new opportunities and contexts for them to more closely collaborate. The first exhibition will run from the 1st - 11th August at Unit 5 Gallery between Hoxton and Cambridge Heath overground stations, bringing an intensive mix of art to one of the more reactive areas of East London.

The curatorial programme will continue with further exhibitions throughout the year, working on a strictly no-entry fee basis and an ethos of bringing together creatives to generate new united voices.