Cluster is pleased to present its first solo show with artist Ronch.

This is a narrative about the Ronch Underworld created through a combination of faddish stories from writers such as Calvino, Carrol and Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Each artwork represents sequences of a surrealist journey, exploring the provocative disruption of social norms and subjective identities. Grotesque characters, involved in the action of the Absurd, populate Ronch’s paintings – each one meticulously defined through the use of a magnifying glass.

This journey is an effigy of a wanderer, experiencing confrontation with multiple mask-wearing characters and
their unconscious lunacy. This is a journey beyond Time and Space, it ends at the sunset’s doorstep, it travels between the borders of inclusion and exclusion, fiction and reality. After a night spent in the forest, among the gipsies of an itinerant
circus, the passenger/observer will reach a circle of creatures, where the Storyteller narrates a Tale: The Seagull and the Fool – Whispers from the Underworlds.

Accompanied by an audio installation from Sylvain Livenais