On the eve of our third decade in
the 21st century, our mission is to
ask what it means to be human?
We stand witness to the collapse of
the anthropocene, we have become
participants of algorithmically mined
data predictions, consumers of virtual
reality escapism. As actors, what do
we become to refute or
embrace these tectonic shifts?

The Sixth Edition of Cluster Illustration
will celebrate a global network of
artists who attempt to represent,
prophecise and envision human figures,
their relationships and surroundings, to
the end and into the next epoch. From
post-humanist tactics of technological
integration to survival mechanisms for
reseeding nature, cleaning the
oceans and living
sustainably off grid.

In and outside of digital spaces, we
come to grips with the uncertainty
of our era, building notions of
who we are and who we might be,
forging a path forward and
reshaping our world.