CLUSTER interviews: Patrycja Krawczyk

Today CLUSTER sits down with Patrycja Krawczyk - a Nicolas Copernicus University graduate and a professional graphic designer. Her most known works are from the Red Line series. The series are inspired by medieval engravings, allegorical thinking and red waves of light. The aim was to create a series of artworks encouraging contemplation, mixing the old fashioned, symbolic narration with new media, possibilities and situations.  


Hi Patrycja, where in the world do we find you today?

I’m in London today!

What are your top three cultural recommendations from last month?

Zeu5- “Rainy” debut album from Otake Records,

Film by Marek Kotarski “7 Feeling”

Art in Artus - Hieronim Bosch “A garden of earthly pleasures”. Center of Culture Artus Court.

When was the first time you realised that drawing as a form of creative expression? How did you get into minimalism?

I understood this later when I started drawing. My love for symbolism has pushed me into a frugal form that emphasises the narrative.

What is your background? When did you first realise you enjoy art and drawing?

When I was a child I used to draw on the floors at home because the surface was perfect for the markers. One day I discovered some of my very early drawings under the carpets. I don’t know how old I was when I made them.

Do you have a ritual that gets you out of bed and puts on the creative hat?

Warm shower, coffee, tobacco and my favourite secret radio channel.

Why did you take part in Cluster. How was the group show beneficial to you?

I participate in Cluster London Fairs because such events are full off creative energy and they give me a positive kick.

What was your favourite part of Cluster?

Opening day of the exhibition.

You can shop Patrycja’s work here. Patrycja’s portfolio.