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  • The Truman Brewery Brick Lane London, England United Kingdom (map)

Cluster Craft presents Light, Colour, Abstraction, a contemporary craft exhibition highlighting experimental material application through abstract sculptures and forms. Showcasing works from emerging and established artists, the theme of light, colour and abstraction creates a unified approach between the work and the space. Cluster Craft is a celebration of contemporary craft, the workmanship of materials, and the beauty of concept driven work.

Held at The Old Truman Brewery, Cluster Craft is set within the cultural hub of the East End, a prime location for work of an art and design background. In its third year running, Cluster holds its largest craft exhibition to date focusing on themes of light, colour and abstraction. Participating in Cluster provides artists exhibiting with the experience of a shared collaborative journey and membership of a joint support network. Monthly gatherings, career support, talks, and workshops provide an additional element of creative guidance as part of Cluster.

Established and emerging artists collectively exhibited in one space produces an environment of varied qualities and attributes within the spectrum of craft. Invited guest exhibitors, Laura McKinley and PND Neon exhibit their current collection of work on the theme of light and colour. RCA graduate Laura McKinley presents from her MA project ‘Childlike Abandon’ referencing children's toys establishing a playful quality through the medium of glass. PND Neon’s lighting structures in neon tube provide an atmospheric environment through a minimal application of materials; this combination of neon and concrete forms an interesting dialogue between architecture and atmosphere.

Clusters exhibition Light, Colour, Abstraction hones in on the contemporary craft scene from various mediums, concepts, and applications unified through a common theme. With bold and striking visuals, it is a must see exhibition of sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, glass, and mixed media certainly one to brighten up your day with colour and light.

Later Event: May 1
May 2019