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Cluster occasionally holds evenings of inspiring talks, workshops and other events.
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Originally from France, Marylou completed her Masters in Art Direction and Graphic Design at L’ESAG Peninghen in Paris before moving to London in 2012. She has since collaborated with global brands and agencies, providing illustration for a broad range of digital and print projects. Specialising in character design, bold colours and hand-written typography, Marylou aspires to create artwork that invokes joy with her cheeky and playful style. Above all, Marylou believes in using her skills for good and enjoys working on projects for a strong social or ethical cause.

TALK with Benjamin Murphy

Benjamin Murphy is an artist, writer, gallerist, and lecturer based in London. Since graduating, he has exhibited in over 150 exhibitions globally, at galleries including The Saatchi Gallery and the Houses of Parliament. As well as this, he is the co-founder and co-director of Delphian Gallery, which is a peripatetic gallery that focuses on showing emerging and early-career artists. Benjamin is a lecturer at University Of The Arts London, and also regularly guest lectures outside of UAL, often on the topic that he will be discussing on the 4th of May. During the talk he will cover many topics, but will also allow questions from the floor at any point during his talk so as to ensure that he discusses the things that the audience really wants to know.


With “UNISON” exhibition we will launch our curatorial program which will be supporting our community of artists and providing further opportunities to exhibit, without the usual art fair fee.


For our biggest up-to-date event we had a fantastic range of activities planned for our Cluster exhibitors and visitors. All talks and workshops are free.

Here’s what went down… (click on timetable to enlarge)


We were delighted to have Aida Wilde doing a talk during one of our social gatherings between Cluster members and exhibitors.

A political refugee from the Middle East in the early 80′s, Aida had been an associate lecturer (2004-2015) and alumni on the Surface Design Program at the LCC for 15 years. Some of the highlights of her teaching career have been her Course Directorship for the Foundation Course in Applied Arts at the LCC (2004/05) and the EDPM Intensive Program at Budapest Tech Polytechnical Institution in 2009.

Photo by Butterfly News

Photo by Butterfly News

Sculpture by Patrick Nash

Sculpture by Patrick Nash



Patrick Nash Design (PND) held a talk with his team at our Cluster Crafts Fair in 2018. He was established in 1997 as a multifaceted, design-build studio specialised in the creation of architectural graphics, custom neon, and cold cathode lighting systems. The studio is committed to a design process that begins with careful analysis of the client's needs, objectives, and existing visual identity. They work collaboratively and enthusiastically to find design solutions that are both inspired and practical.


Linocut Workshop


Linocut is a relief printing technique which can easily be practiced at home with very little equipment. It is very versatile, allowing for both bold, expressive marks and controlled detail. By varying the way the block is inked and printed a variety of textures can be created.


Patricia Puertas is a multidisciplinary artist and designer with a great deal of experience within printmaking. Currently doing a MRes in Communication Design at Royal College of Art, Patricia is looking to extend her practice and spread her knowledge of the therapeutic experience of printmaking.